Trade & Manufacturing Committee Updates

  • 09.09.2019

Proposals to reform the Law on environmental pollution fees submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment

Last week, AmCham Moldova addressed a series of proposals that refer to:
1. Removal of the pollution fee for discharges of pollutants into the waters for companies that respect the maximum allowable concentration of pollutants through wastewater treatment plants (Apa Canal).
2. Establishment of a ”packaging fee” refund mechanism for packaging waste recycled according to Gov. regulations (EPR);
3. Elimination of e a series of ambiguities regarding the application of certain categories of pollution fees to the companies within the tertiary sector of the economy;
4. Implementation of a series of parafiscal incentives for companies that reduce the quantity of pollutants emitted.

If you would like to find more details on the subject, please contact Adrian Gheorghita,

Discussions on the new Customs Code

Last week, AmCham finished the consultation process on the draft of the new Customs Code.

If you have a particular interest in this subject or would like to come up with additional recommendations, please contact Adrian Gheorghita,

Consultative Committee under Customs Service met on September 5

As the Secretary of the Consultative Committee under Customs Service, AmCham Moldova chaired the fall session. Among the main topics on the agenda were the customs value of goods, import and export procedure in postal consignments, the new Customs Code, etc. 

If you have any questions on the activity of the Consultative Committee, please contact Adrian Gheorghita,

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