Committee Addresses the Government

Events, Meetings & Activities

Occupational, plant and products safety;

  • Commitment to research.

Promote ethical & transparent behavior of pharmaceutical market players in accordance with Global good practice manner.

  • Continuously monitor the development of the healthcare market.
  • Establish an open and constructive dialogue with Moldovan policy makers to identify critical issues and to bring valuable recommendations to Moldovan healthcare legislation, certification regulations, customs code, and IPR protections.

Provide a platform for networking and exchange of best-practices. 

Committee as a part of AmCham 

The Committee is a part of AmCham and therefore shares AmCham mission and its values.
In that spirit, no Committee member, including Co-Chairs, shall express personal views on behalf of the Committee and therefore the AmCham, unless they represent an official and approved position by the Board of Directors.
No Committee member shall in the name of Committee or AmCham discuss issues that are not related to its mission. All activities of the Committee shall be done in direct coordination and communication with AmCham Committee Coordinator.