1. Advocating For Your Interests on Your Behalf

AmCham Moldova maintains and benefits from close and constant contact with key political stakeholders, enabling us to advocate for our members interests. As one of the most influential business associations in Moldova, AmCham’s opinion is highly sought after and respected by the government, business leaders and the media thanks to its well-researched reports, analyses, position papers and policy resolutions that reflect a broad business perspective.

2. Specialized Events & Networking

AmCham Moldova offers almost 100 business and social networking opportunities throughout the year. These are both content-based and socially orientated events enabling members to network in a focused and effective manner.

3. Expanding Your Brand

AmCham’s Corporate Sponsorship allows your organization to build and strengthen its brand through enhanced visibility. Providing a unique opportunity to showcase your services and/or products, as a Corporate Sponsor you will receive public recognition and benefit from the prominent display of your company’s logo during events. Having these benefits will enable you to create new business opportunities and reach stakeholders, providers, and partners - in addition to your target market.

5. Developing Your HR Capacity

AmCham Moldova offers a variety of services for human resource development designed to enhance the expertise of member companies. We provide a variety of workshops, training, and programs in various fields that are guaranteed to enhance your valuable human capital. The Young Professionals Program is designed for successful young employees who have the potential to become tomorrow’s business leaders. The Program encompasses workshops, training, lectures, and other benefits, which will support your young professionals' development and will enable them to build a cross-functional network of peers and an intergenerational network of managers.

The Job Center Center is a place that allows job seekers to view employment offers from AmCham members in an interactive way. All positions available are advertised in the "JOB CENTER" section of the AmCham website www.amcham.md and in the weekly bulletin.

4. Specialized Programs

As a member of AmCham Moldova, you are able to benefit from our various specialized programs, designed to help your business grow. Our Business Visa Program is designed to support members and help facilitate visa-processing for business travel to the US, while at the same time maintaining the highest visa security standards possible.

Our Member Discount Program helps to alleviate some of the costs associated with running a business enabling members to receive a discount of up to 30% on a wide range of products and services provided by businesses. These can be enjoyed by both you personally
and your business.

6. AmChams in Europe Network

AmCham Moldova is pleased to announce that based on our affiliation with the AmChams in Europe network, our members are able to enjoy additional mutual membership benefits. Members in good standing of AmChams in Europe (ACE) have agreed to offerAmCham benefits and services to companies, which are members of another ACE chamber.

Mutual benefits and services include events, country briefings, and executive referrals.

7. The Opportunity to Become a "Proud Member"

As a member, you are invited and encouraged to use the AmCham "Proud Member" logo on your websites and business materials. Displaying the "Proud Member" logo sends a positive message to customers and fellow businesses that you are committed to the growth and success of your business and of the wider business community in Moldova.