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  • MemberPremier Energy Distribution

Î.C.S. "Premier Energy Distribution" S.A. is the largest private operator of the national electricity distribution system in the Republic of Moldova.

The company serves an area of about 70% of the country|s territory, in 21 of the 37 districts, including the municipality of Chisinau, distributing electricity to more than 900,000 consumers in the Center and South of the country.

Private operator of the national electricity distribution system in the Republic of Moldova has a vast European experience, nearly two decades in the field of electricity, implementing the best management practices and European standards and investing over 287 million Euro in modernizing and expanding the networks to improve efficiency and increase the quality of services. Beyond the obvious benefits for customers and the positive effect on the company|s operating results, this effort is also reflected in the direct contribution into the development of the Moldovan economy.

The activity of Î.C.S. "Premier Energy Distribution" S.A. in the country|s economy, in the last two decades, it is considered a European business model, being appreciated as an open enterprise for collaboration in order to promote pro-European and international values and transparent investment climate aimed to prosperity for all economic agents.

The Premier Energy Distribution brand was launched in the Republic of Moldova on December 11, 2019. It is an international brand, designed for the future and focused on innovation, accessibility, clean energy and human well-being.
  • Address:4A, Doga Street
  • City:Chisinau, MD-2024
  • Phone:+373 22 431 111
  • Fax:+373 22 431 675