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Red Union Fenosa

Red Union Fenosa
Address: 4A, Doga Street
City: Chisinau, MD-2024
Tel: +373 22 431 111
Fax: +373 22 431 675
Type: Energy

I.C.S.“RED UNION FENOSA” S.A. is part of Gas Natural Fenosa, a leading group in the energy sector, pioneering in gas and electricity integration, which currently is present in more than 30 countries.
In the Republic of Moldova, I.C.S.“RED UNION FENOSA” S.A is the biggest electricity distributor which maintains over 869 thousand clients, individuals and legal entities, supplies electricity in 21 districts (out of 37) constituting the 70% of the territory of the country.

Gas Natural Fenosa’s mission is to meet the energy requirements of society, providing quality products and services that are respectful to the environment, offering shareholders growing and sustainable performance and offering employees the possibility to develop their professional competencies.

The activity of the company in the economy of the country represents a European business model, being appreciated as an open enterprise for collaboration to promote pro-European and international values and a transparent and favorable investment climate for all businesses.

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