In response to the EU's European Green Deal and Moldova's EU candidate status, and the global climate and environmental-related challenges, a part of Moldovan business community has reacted with a commitment to play an active role in decarbonization, embracing the activities to foster greener economy and, hence, diminishing the negative impact of business on the environment.

The Green Transition Committee within AmCham Moldova plays a pivotal role in promoting and fostering a sustainable green economy in Moldova. This committee was established in 2021 in response to the growing demand from AmCham Moldova members for information, advocacy, and capacity-building in various areas related to green economy development, including on:

- Decarbonization & Energy transition to renewable energy sources

- Energy efficiency

- Recycling & Waste management

- Water Stewardship 

- Sustainable technologies

- E-mobility

- Circular Economy 


Key Activities

Advocacy and Policy Influence

The committee actively engages with government agencies and relevant stakeholders, such as the Economic Council to the Prime Minister, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Environment, President office, etc. to advocate for policies and regulations that support sustainable growth. This includes monitoring the policy and legislative processes, granting timely reaction of industry to the consultation calls, searching for, and contracting the expertise for the areas where there is no internal capacity to formulate position papers.

Raising Industry Awareness through Dedicated Events

Perhaps the most striking thing about decarbonization and the green transition are that their benefits are unbeknownst to many, including their potential to save costs in the long run and open doors to Western markets.

AmCham is dedicated to making this known to its members and not only, and has already organized a series of events to educate both businesses and the general public on sustainable practices and their advantages.

Recent events include:

Public Talk "Green Transition: Obligation or Opportunity for the Moldovan business community?"
ESG Conference
Public Talk on the importance of ESG (environment, social, corporate governance) reporting for Moldovan companies
"The impact of the war in Ukraine on the grain and oilseed market of the Republic of Moldova and the perspective of the new agricultural season"

Business Capacity Building

For Moldovan companies to advance rapidly and benefit from circular economy, it is imperative to raise the level of awareness, understanding, and knowledge of what is re-technologization and what are the cutting-edge technologies available in the world that could be used to implement circular economy initiatives at multiple levels. 

In this sense, the Committee has planned a series of workshops, knowledge seminars and trainings on:

energy generation
water treatment
energy efficiency
circular economy implementation
measures companies must take to implement EU priorities and EU Law to get access to European market.
technical capabilities of companies to advance in accessing financing.  

Facilitating Access to Financing

The Committee’s goal is also to ensure the liaison between interested AmCham members and the international donors' organizations in Moldova, pursuing the financing of green transformation in business.