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  • MemberBaker Tilly
  • Type:Assurance Services; Tax and Legal Services; Advisory Services

Baker Tilly Moldova is a leading firm of auditors, accountants, and business advisors. Member of Baker Tilly International, 8th largest Accountancy Networks, it provides premier accountancy, assurance, tax, and specialist business advice, drawing on internationally recognized industry and service line experts in 131 countries. Baker Tilly International is represented by 165 firms in 141 countries and 28.000 people worldwide.

20 directors and more than 300 professionals offer services of the highest standards to more than 6,000 businesses operating both nationally and internationally across all industries.

Baker Tilly has been operating in Moldova since 2007 and is currently among the top 5 International accountancy firms. It employs more than 15 professionals and it is recognized as an ACCA Platinum employer.

Baker Tilly in Moldova provides a comprehensive package of professional services, such as the audit of the financial statements, internal audit, outsourced accounting, tax advisory, and corporate finance services.

Baker Tilly Moldova has extensive experience in the audit of public entities, internationally financed companies, and medium-to-large Moldovan owned Companies.

The company is included in the short list of consultants approved by EBRD, is eligible to audit World Bank and USAID financed projects.
  • Address:65 Stefan cel Mare Blvd., office 715
  • City:Chisinau, MD-2001
  • Phone:+373 22 233 003
  • Fax:+373 22 234 044