AmCham Committees provide members with an opportunity to voice their opinions on current and pressing topics relevant to their industry. Committees are the base from which AmCham is able to launch and pivot its lobbying efforts, and effectively represent your needs and interests to the authorities.

Member led and member driven, Committees help to bridge the vital link between business and policy and decision makers, encouraging and fostering the development of a health business environment in Moldova. Through the presentation of policy papers and opinions on the latest developments and trends in Public Policy, participating in a committee affords you and your business the opportunity to ensure that your voice, opinion and thoughts are heard.

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Committee Initiation:

Any AmCham Member in good standing, or AmCham Executive Office, on behalf of any Member, may propose to the Board of Directors establishing a new Committee to address issues common to multiple Members. The Board of Directors will determine the need for the proposed Committee on the basis of Member interest and alignment with the strategic Vision and Mission of the AmCham.

Committee Authority:

Any Committee established by the AmCham Board will have only the powers specifically delegated to it by the Board. Functions of each Committee will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting at which the Committee was established. Committees will have the right to use resources and develop researches when it is necessary for a better understanding of issues falling within the realm of the Committee. The Committee will not have the right to initiate any independent fundraising for the Committee projects. The Committee will submit all position papers for Board approval before a public release of the paper occurs. In case the Committee is not in accordance with a Board action with respect to positions adopted by the Committee, the Committee can bring the issue to the Membership as a whole.

Committee Accountability:

Committees are the operational and expert advisory to the Board, and will be expected to report their work to the Board on a regular basis. Each Committee will be expected to make recommendations to the board for action, such recommendations to be made by the member of the Committee in the form of a motion at a full Board meeting. The AmCham Board will review annually the activity of each Committee and determine which Committees will be re-appointed and which Committees will be abandoned as no longer necessary.


Any AmCham Member in a good standing may sign-up for Membership in an AmCham Committee. Membership begins only after a Membership sheet is submitted to the Executive Office and approved by the Committee. All Committees have the final decision to accept or reject new members by majority vote. The Executive Office will actively participate in recruiting Members for the Committees and will keep an electronic database (mailing list) of all Members who desire to be active in a particular Committee. A Committee Coordinator will be appointed by the Executive Office responsible for circulating information and minutes of all meetings to all Committee Members and placing appropriate information on the AmCham website. The Committee leadership together with active Committee Members will develop the Committee list for the purpose of receiving Committee materials and voting for leadership positions. Only those AmCham Members that are included into the database of a Committee before the election nomination process begins are eligible to vote for Committee leadership. By a special request of the Committee Chair, a non-AmCham Member may participate in Committee discussions. Inclusion of Committee Members outside of the AmCham membership must be reported to the Board and Executive Office by the Committee Chair, explaining the reason for external participation of particular individual in AmCham Committee activities. Non-AmCham Committee members will not receive mailings, nor have voting privileges. Non-AmCham Members can participate in up to two (2) Committee meetings. Afterwards, an obligatory membership will be required.

Meetings/ Activities:

Each Committee will elect Committee Chair, Committee Vice Chair and Committee Secretary. Committees will meet regularly, on a schedule appropriate to their issues and level of activity. Dates of meetings are subject to review and approval for the Executive Office, to prevent meeting conflict. Committee meetings may be in person, by conference call, internet chat or other techniques that permit all parts to take part in discussions and decisions. When necessary, Committees may take decisions through exchange of e-mails or bulletin boards. Minutes of Committee meetings will be prepared by the Committee Coordinators and, upon approval of the Committee leadership, circulated to Committee participants and posted on the Chamber of Commerces website. Only those Members in good standing, and who maintain active Committee status (to be determined by Committee Coordinators taking into consideration attendance, electronic mail traffic, participation in relevant events, etc.) will be allowed to vote, should a vote be taken to express a Committees position. Committees will be encouraged to develop mission statements, an annual work plan, and position papers expressing the views of the Committee on issues relevant to the Committees interest.

The Executive office is requested to attend all Committee meetings.


Committees Chairs shall regularly (once a quarter) report on activities of their Committee to the Board, either by attending the Board Meeting (by invitation), or in writing. An Annual Report should be submitted by each Committee to the Board (with a copy to Executive Office) one month prior to the Annual General Member Meeting for its distribution. The Report shall include in details the activities and achievements of the Committee for the previous year, including Chair, Vice Chair and members list.