The Digital Transformation Committee was created in 2020 as a channel for dialogue between AmCham's members and important government regulators in Moldova such as the Ministry of Finance, National Bank of Moldova, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, e-Governance Agency, and so on. The Digital Transformation Committee provides an active platform for AmCham Member Companies to influence the current and future decisions made by Moldovan lawmakers related to the industry and train and educate each other on developments and best practices in the field.

About the Committee

The Committee is conceived as a place for companies representing the digital transformation sphere (e.g., banks, payment service providers, international payment systems, FINTECHs, IT companies) and others interested in e-commerce and digital transformation per se companies.

Committee members participate in Committee events and meetings and take an active role in Committee's activity, thus contributing to the enhancement of the business-friendly digital transformation regulatory framework in Moldova, harmonized with the best international practices.

The Committee is open to individuals who have occupations relevant to the Committee's stated mission and whose companies are members of the AmCham. We kindly invite every interested member to join our efforts.


The mission of the Committee is to enhance the Moldovan digital transformation plan by acting as a lobby and advocacy group; to identify and promote issues related to and in support of the actors involved in digital transformation from the business side, and to provide a forum for dialogue among sector professionals and decision-makers in Government, as well as to serve as an educational, networking and information exchange forum for the business community involved in digital transformation.

Committee Objectives

The purpose and goals of the Digital Transformation Committee are to promote the Moldovan business community's digital transformation agenda, including G2B2G, B2B, and B2C perspectives, through regulatory advocacy activities and information exchange in the interests of AmCham members.

The Committee will work on topical issues relevant and significant to businesses, including local and international payment system provider issues, e-commerce challenges, e-systems and products designed for the business community by the Government, and so on. By raising awareness, stimulating development, and advocating for change, it hopes to strengthen the Moldovan digital market and make the Moldovan economy more competitive.

Also, the focus on the following objectives should be maintained: 

  • Access the legislative drafting process early and leverage the opportunity to incorporate private sector feedback into key drafts.
  • Proactive approach in drafting and advising on the implementation of digital transformation sector normative acts.
  • Present the private sector support and view on rules and procedures and recommendations and examples of best international practices to relevant counterpart organizations.
  • Bringing a greater understanding of the Moldovan digital transformation plan for both the business community and governmental officials. 

Plan of Activities

1. Closely collaborate with AmCham Financial Services Committee, Tax Committee, and Legal Committee, thus covering as much as possible different aspects of digital transformation.
2. Closely collaborate with professional organizations such as ATIC to strengthen the business community's voice in front of public authorities.
3. Establish constructive dialogue with the Ministry of Finance, National Bank of Moldova, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, and become a reliable partner for these authorities.
4. Review and comment on draft legislation and address the Government to raise awareness regarding the proposed or existing legislation framework with sometimes adverse effect on relevant to business community topics from digital transformation agenda. 
5. Provide a platform for networking and exchange of best practices.

Committee Communication

Digital Transformation Committee will meet on the premises of member companies on a rotating basis or at AmCham for committee meetings, roundtable discussions on various issues that affect the industry. The Committee may also envisage inviting outside speakers, if appropriate.

The committee coordinator will regularly inform members of Committee activity and contribute to AmCham Weekly Bulletins, Annual reports, Web site, etc.

The Committee, as a part of AmCham 

The Committee is a part of AmCham and therefore shares AmCham's mission and its values.

In that spirit, no Committee member, including Co-Chairs, shall express personal views on behalf of the Committee and therefore the AmCham, unless they represent an official and approved position by the Board of Directors.

No Committee member shall in the name of Committee or AmCham discuss issues that are not related to its mission. All activities of the Committee shall be done in direct coordination and communication with AmCham Committee Coordinator.

AmCham Moldova is acting as the local point of the project in regard to the e-commerce business community, by being the platform that incorporates companies from almost all the phases of the e-commerce supply chain (production, payments including alternative innovative Fintech solutions, logistics, and other).

Want to take part in the Digital Transformation Committee? Contact Committee Coordinator Veronica Sireteanu at for more information.