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  • MemberOrbico Moldova
  • Type:Wholesale, Distribution, Logistics, E-commerce

Orbico Moldova is a part of Orbico Group, now represented in 18 countries of Europe such as Germany, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria. Orbico Moldova was founded in 2009 and since then it is the leading distributor for a large number of quality globally known brands ranging from beauty care products through food and non-food products. Such an extensive and diversified range of brands and products portfolio demands high flexibility, openness to constant change, flexible organization and investing in people development and in brands.

Our aim is to generate sustainable business growth and to create added value for our business partners and for brands in our portfolio. Our customers are all relevant and renowned market participants ranging from large multinational chains, local retail chains to wholesale stores, pharmacies and B2B entrepreneurs. Therefore, Orbico is a partner of choice to best meet the needs of our business partners with optimal a mix of product offering, services, flexibility and local expertise.

With a team of passionate professional experts we offer complete and comprehensive business solutions for sales, logistics services, marketing and brand management for brands in our portfolio.

Nowadays, Orbico is in the Top 3 Distributors, and Top 30 Biggest Importers in Moldova.
  • Address:20 Varnita street
  • City:Chisinau, MD-2023
  • Phone:+373 22 472 402, 022 121
  • Fax:+373 22 478 277