AmCham Elected Committees Chairs

  • 23.02.2024

On behalf of AmCham Moldova, we`d like to welcome and congratulate the newly elected Committees Chairs:
Tax Committee:
• Iuri Cicibaba,Taxaco
• Lilia Colin, Deloitte
Legal Committee:
• Ilona Panurco, PwC Moldova
Human Resources Committee:
• Svetlana Bodaci, maib
• Serghei Baziuc, Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery
Financial Services Committee:
• Mihai Iovu, BC "Moldindconbank" S.A.
• Dmitrii Svinarenco, OCN Microinvest SRL
• Ciprian Poștaru, OCN Ecofinance Technologies SRL
Digital Transformation Committee:
• Sergiu Stoianov, Paymaster
Healthcare Committee:
• Grigore Moraru, Dita Estfarm
Green Transition Committee:
• Marcela Lefter, Sedera Green
Trade & Manufacturing Committee:
• Ștefan Birău, Lafarge Ciment Moldova, Member of Holcim Group
We thank you for accepting the role within AmCham and for your courage to volunteer your time and knowledge for the benefit of our members!

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