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  • MemberGBS
  • Type:Automotive and Suppliers

GBS Company was founded on August 25, 1995, under the "AutoDoctor" trademark. Today it is one of the largest companies in sales of auto parts and automotive service industry in the Republic of Moldova.

GBS Company is the official representatives of more than 60 world famous brands of auto parts, oils and accessories. The company has 10 branches of retail and wholesale trade, centralized technically stocked warehouses, with an area of 3000 sq. m. as well as service center, which is equipped with advanced technical equipment and skilled workers. The personnel of the company totals more than 145 people, and its vehicle fleet consists of 30 cars which carry out delivery of goods on all territory of the Republic of Moldova. Since October 2014 GBS is also the Official Chevrolet Dealer. Our show room is located at the Calea Orheiului street, 20 in Chisinau.

Our main advantages:

The competitive price-quality ratio;
The huge range and its continuous existence in a warehouses, more than 70 000 positions
Existence of our own trade network of 10 stores and 2 warehouses with an area of 3000 sq.m.
Quality service with the latest modern equipment
Fast delivery in any point of Moldova
Sales of new Chevrolet cars.
  • Address:20/2 Calea Orheiului street
  • City:Chisinau, MD-2059
  • Phone:+373 22 425 631
  • Fax:+373 22 498 226