The Business Visa Program (BVP) was designed to support the bilateral trade and investment between the United States of America and the Republic of Moldova, and to facilitate visa processing for business travelers while, at the same time, maintaining the highest visa security standards possible. The Consular Department encourages companies to apply well in advance - apply at least 1 month before your planned travel dates.


To qualify for the program the Company must be a member in good standing of the American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova and qualify as CEO/GM of the company for B1/B2 visa or middle management for B1 visa.

AmCham Moldova Members interested to participate in this program must submit a sample letter (Attachment A). The original of this letter will be held by the U.S. Embassy Consular Department as verification of the company’s participation in the Business Visa Program.

This service is offered to the following individuals:

- Business visa: ONLY to the direct full-time employees of AmCham Member companies;
- Business/Travel visa: Only to the AmCham Member Companies CEO and their immediate family.

*Please note that AmCham does not guarantee that applicant will receive a visa, nor we can influence the decision of the Embassy. The Embassy does not provide any explanations to the AmCham about visa refusals.


1. Complete an online visa application form (DS-160) by this link and print the Confirmation Page when finished;
2. Send a copy of the Confirmation Page and of your passport to AmCham Office by email;
3. AmCham will provide you with a Deposit Slip containing information for Moldova Agroindbank;
4. Visit the nearest Moldova Agroindbank branch to make the payment. MAIB will issue your payment receipt;
5. Send a copy of the payment receipt to AmCham office;
6. AmCham will make an appointment;
7. Come to the Embassy with all the necessary documents for your interview on the appointed day.

** The AmCham member company will need to provide each employee with a letter on the company letterhead stating how long they have worked for the company and in what position, the employee’s salary and outline the specific travel dates and purpose of travel (see attachment B).


1. The original of Attachment A (if it is the case);
2. The original of Attachment B;
3. Valid Passport;
4. Moldova Agroindbank Payment Receipt;
5. Confirmation Page of DS-160; 


Sample Letter for Embassy - Attachment A.doc

Sample Letter for Employee - Attachment B.doc


For more details, contact Elena Buzu, Deputy Director, at or 211 781.