Last round of consultations on the draft of the new Customs Code

  • 09.08.2021

On Friday, AmCham Moldova and Moldovan Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated in a  joint meeting on the  draft of the New Customs Code.

Together with Mr. Dorel Noroc, State Secretary at Ministry of Finance, Customs Service representatives, and EUHLA Mr. Rosario de Blasio, the business community debated on over 20 technical proposals aimed at improving the quality of the to be approved Customs Code.

Among the issues raised by AmCham Moldova were:
- Maintaining of the status quo on the customs procedures for FEZ residents;
- Clarification of certain aspects on the activity of customs brokers;
- Maintaining the Council for Dispute Resolution mechanism in the New Customs Code; 
- Review of some contraventions and sanctions.

To see the full list of suggestions, please click here.

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