POLICY ACHIEVEMENT: Government Decision no. 950/2013 has been Modified

  • 21.02.2020

AmCham Moldova welcomes the approval by the Government of the amendments to the Government Decision no. 950/2013 on the approval of the Regulation on the requirements for collection, treatment, and discharge of wastewater in sewage systems for urban and rural localities.

At the request of the business community and with the involvement of AmCham Moldova, the Government Decision was substantially modified, the following aspects being improved and expressly regulated:

- Wastewater sampling procedure;

- The procedure for conducting laboratory tests;

- The procedure for challenging the results of the laboratory tests;

- The methodology for calculating fees on sewage services rendered by the operator of the sewage system for treating wastewater that exceeds the maximum allowable concentrations;

- Extension of the term of entry into force of the new regulations until 2021 and 2022 respectively, depending on the existing water flow of consumers.

AmCham Moldova is convinced that the transparency and clarification of the procedures will be for the benefit of all stakeholders.

To address questions on this topic, contact Adrian Gheorghita, Deputy Director for Advocacy and Business Development at adriangheorghita@amcham.md or Victor Baciu, Legal Committee Coordinator at victorbaciu@amcham.md. 

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