Advocacy Breakthrough on Publication of the National Food Safety Agency Regulations

  • 11.11.2019

AmCham Moldova welcomes the feedback provided by the National Agency for Food Safety on AmCham's letter regarding the need for publication in the Official Gazette of the regulations on the entrepreneurial activity.
Thus, AmCham Moldova continues to carry out its mission consistently – both to represent the private sector in dialogue with public institutions, and to monitor the quality of promotion and application of the regulations on entrepreneurial activity.

In short
At the beginning of September, AmCham Moldova notified ANSA and other public institutions, regarding the publication on the website of the Agency of a series of orders issued by the management of the National Agency for Food Safety, without going through the decision-making process, respectively without being published in the Official Gazette.

Following the analysis carried out by AmCham Moldova, it was suggested to initiate a review process of all the normative acts issued by the National Agency for Food Safety, taking into account the positive experience of reviewing the normative acts of the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova, an effort made with support from external donors.

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