AmCham Raises Funds for Kids and Art Education

  • 11.09.2019

This Tuesday, AmCham donated a printer and supplies to the Oncological Institute, Pediatric section for kids who will spend their curing time also by enjoying some games and exercises thanks to the addition.

Every year at the AmCham USA Independence Day Picnic there is a traditional Charity Raffle. This raffle is always one of the most exciting part of the party and grows bigger every time. Each year the proceeds are donated to a different social project.

This year, AmCham decided to help kids that are spending their time in the hospital, to have a relief from the illness and share their creative ideas by providing a printer and supplies, so everyone can enjoy paining and even study.

Moreover, kids from vulnerable families will also benefit from a sponsored course of painting, more details will be available soon.

The painting fund will give an opportunity for children to develop their artistic skills and express themselves through art, and it`s free of charge.

AmCham Moldova hopes that this fund will enhance the opportunities and levels of equality within young people in the Republic of Moldova and that it will provide additional education to those in society who need it the most.

We want to thank all those who were kind enough to participate in the raffle and contribute to this wonderful cause!

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