Committee Spotlight - Healthcare

  • 12.10.2018

Always on the cutting edge of innovation, the Healthcare Industry is constantly striving forward with progress. New discoveries are constantly being made, with Companies and Organizations enhancing patient treatment worldwide. The AmCham Healthcare Committee has a strategic position in this wave of progress, as a convenient link between those in power who will regulate at a national level the implementation of the new innovations, and those making them.

Actively involved in promoting the interests and concerns of the Healthcare industry in Moldova, the Committee also promotes Patient safety, and ensuring that this is taken into consideration in the process of drafting new laws. This includes the recent draft law on medicines, which the Committee actively remains a keen interest and voice on.

Not only does the Committee provide a space for various representatives of the Industry to gather and share and voice their opinions on developments in the industry as a whole, but to also discuss the perceived impacts of new regulations that will bear an influence.

Help shape future patient safety by joining the Healthcare Committee today! Contact Elena Popic at for more information. 

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