The Deadline for Employment Subsidies Applications Will Be Extended

  • 27.07.2018

On July 25, the Government has voted on the possibility to extend until August 31, the deadline for submission of applications for governmental subsidies granted to employers that create new workplaces in their companies. The eligibility criteria are set by the Governmental Regulation no. 1145/2017, and include among others the requirement to increase the number of employees with at least 100 people, and keep their retribution at a level not lower than 75% of the average monthly wage per economy. In 2018, the value of the subsidy is 40,000 MDL per each created workplace that is eligible for subvention.

This is the first year when such a mechanism will be applied, and hence multiple questions have appeared as to its practical implications. Last week, AmCham Moldova members have participated in a dedicated meeting at the Economic Council under Prime-minister, and a follow-up letter has been submitted by AmCham Moldova to competent ministries as to the regulations’ interpretation and practical implementation.

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