AmCham Moldova joined the campaign "Hai Moldova"

  • 11.01.2011

AmCham Moldova joined the campaign "Hai Moldova". Hai Moldova is a national socio-ecological initiative, that aims to clean all the country in one day.  The initiative takes part from the project "Let`s do it!"  initiated in Estonia in 2008, then successfully developped in Letonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Finland, Portugal, Italy, India, Ukraine, Romania, Brazil and Serbia (2009-2010).

Let`s do it is a movement of people who are ready for action - to make real changes in our regions, our country, our world, in ourselves. First by mapping and cleaning up the illegal waste littering our countryside. Then by delving deeper into the problems why we are wasting so much.

Project steps:

  1. Professional team-building (Communication, Finance, HR, IT, Logistics)
  2. Identifying partners ( State Institution, NGO-s, private businesses, mass-media, etc.)
  3. Mapping
  4. Promotional campaign
  5. Cleaning Day (involvement of minimum 200000 citizens)

For more information, please visit or contact Bolea Anatolie at mob. 079 304 389 or 022837220

One person, one country, one day at a time.. to one clean planet. 

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