AmCham Launched "Clubul Antreprenorilor Onești" Project

  • 27.02.2023

AmCham launched "Clubul Antreprenorilor Onești" Project, which aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit based on principles of compliance, honesty, transparency, and mutual respect in the relationship with public authorities, customers, competitors, employees, investors, public entities, and entrepreneurs themselves.

Participants of the Club are entrepreneurs who share the same values - honest and healthy business operations in Moldova. Participants will be guided by representatives of the Ministry of Finance, State Tax Service, Customs Service, FINEDU, JCI Moldova, and AmCham members.

The event was opened by Mila Malairau, AmCham Executive Director, Veronica Sirețeanu - Ministrul Finanțelor, Minister of Finance, and Artiom Cochiu, FINedu.

*"Clubul Antreprenorului Onest" is a joint effort between the AmCham Moldova, the Center for International Private Enterprise - CIPE, FINedu, and the Ministerul Finantelor al Republicii Moldova.

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