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A new offer from Arenasport under AmCham Member Discount Program

August 28

Member Discount Program allows AmCham members to take advantage of some special product and service offers. AmCham is glad to inform you about the latest offer from Arenasport.

“Arenasport” stores offer traditional sporting goods merchandise, including footwear, apparel, and other general athletic products. “Arenasport” has a genuine interest in each and every customer and is passionate about enhancing the customers shopping experience.

"Arenasport" is offering up to 10% discount on all their products.

"Arenasport" stores:

"Elat" 2nd floor, no. 73, phone: +373 22 207 560
"SUN CITY" 1st floor, no. 114, phone: +373 68 777 418
"JUMBO" 2nd floor, no. 236, phone: +373 22 505 615
"JUMBO" 3rd floor, no. 399
"MEGAPOLIS MALL" 2nd floor, no. А229, phone: +373 68 533 677



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