• 04.07.2007

AmCham organized its annual celebration of America|s independence on Saturday, June 30, 2007. This year|s event was organized in cooperation with the the U.S. Embassy Alumni Resource Center.The event was a success and over 400 people attended the party including many of the AmCham Moldova|s 41 members, 170 members of the U.S. Embassy Alumni Community including the President of the Alumni Community and newly elected mayor of the Municipality of Chisianu, Mr. Dorin Chirtoaca. Approximately 90 staff members of the U.S. Embassy in Moldova were in attendance and over 100 U.S. Peace Corps volunteers came including the director of the Peace Corps in Moldova, Mr. Jeff Kelley-Clarke. There were also approximately 35 Moldovan Nationals and American expatriates that bought tickets at the door.This years celebration took place at the Family Sport Center/Clachan Restaurant in Chisinau, located at Calea Iesilor 20.AmCham Moldova had eight sponsors that contributed to the event. These sponsors donated product, time, energy, and money to help organize the party. The official event sponsors were:1. Coca-Cola Bottlers Chisinau2. Chisinau Beer (Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery)3. Purcari4. Dionysos-Mereni5. Cricova6. Natur Bravo7. Fors Computer8. Trans Oil Group of CompaniesEntertainment at the party included the "Snails" who performed a 2 hour concert. There was also a DJ playing music during the party as well as 2 MCs that organized games and competitions for the people in attendance.Thank you all for your support. The 4th of July celebration was a success and we thank you all for participating.

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