• 21.04.2015

Title: Corporate Charity Tennis Challenge
Project type: Social, charity
Date: April 21-26th, 2015
Place: TBD
Organizer: Moldovan Tennis Federation and NGO “Save Life”
Participants: legal entities, teams, representatives of the Moldovan companies, associations and organizations; mandatory team: 1 male + 1 female (*participants could be any company representatives, even who are not employed by this company but should have necessary qualification/training for this type of tournament).
Level of training: Amateurs – Beginners – IS MANDATORY!
Closing and Awards Ceremony: April 26th, 2015

Event Concept:

-Moldovan Tennis Federation continues beautiful tradition of a good deeds through the social and charity events of a sports nature. Our activities are designed to raise awareness among citizens about social problems, they also promote sports and healthy lifestyle.
-This time, together with NGO ”Save Life” we offer you a new amateur tennis tournament, which is open for your company representatives. The tournament includes a team competition. Team members: one man and one woman. Participants will compete in the men\'s singles, women\'s singles and mixed doubles.
-The tournament involves fundraising in order to help sick children. (Below you can read stories of the children who urgently need help).
Participation in the charity tennis tournament will strengthen team spirit in your company and will help with the team building.

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