• 14.12.2010

Law on protection of consumers’ rightsAmCham Tax & Legal Committee actively participated in elaboration of recommendations on draft law amending current law on protection of consumers’ rights. The first version of the law initially proposed Inspectorate on protection of consumer rights to apply different sanctions (including suspension of incorrect commercial practice) without judicial decision. For this reason AmCham has requested a series of meetings, as well as addressed specific recommendations in order to make the procedure of controls more transparent and understandable, with a final decision to be taken by judicial instance. Further to our efforts, a roundtable with Deputy Minister of Economy - Octavian Calmic was organised. On the meeting AmCham was represented by Moldcell, Orange, PwC, Sun Communications and other companies. During the meeting, as well as within permanent dialogue of almost 3 weeks with Ministry of Economy representatives, we have managed to address several opinions: with recommendations of both significant and editorial matters. The authors of the new draft law have also agreed to pass a Government Decision (and not internal Order of the Inspectorate on protection of consumers’ rights) with a detailed procedure of investigation and control of infringements on consumer rights protection matters. AmCham thanks all members of Tax & Legal Committee for participation in active and efficient dialogue with Government officials on consumer protection rights issues. If you would like to be part of the Committee or require any information related to its activity, please contact Serghei Toncu, Project Manager, at 211 781 or sergheitoncu@amcham.md