AmCham Social Project "English School for visually impaired youth"

  • 24.06.2011

CSR Committee within AmCham launched a new social project "English School for visually impaired youth” at the initiative of MOLDCELL, represented by Constanta Popa, Chair of the CSR Committee. It is a campaign designed to attract funds for blind youth and to open a course of English language for them. AmCham would like to deliver an innovative English course at no cost to the visually impaired youth. The main goal is to integrate them into the community, having an equal life like other one; giving opportunities to take part in different activities, exchange their ideas, and improve their self-confidence.

English language is essential today, and is necessary for them. We would like to offer young blind this free English language course. It is our moral obligation to help promote English among the younger generation.

In this context, AmCham Moldova already donated 750 USD, money collected from the Charity lottery organized on 4th of July Celebration.

We encourage you to join this social project, contributing 500 or 1000 USD. We believe that uniting our efforts we can make young people happy and fulfilled.

For more details please contact Elena Buzu, Project Manager at 211 781 or


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