Advocacy Update

  • 11.03.2019

- Last week AmCham Moldova jointly with the Moldovan Banks Association drafted a series of commentaries on the draft Government Decision on certification of independent legal advice for potential guarantors, that is aimed at implementing the article from the Civil Code, that implies the Pre-contractual obligations of the creditor.

We would like to thank Prime Capital, Turcan Cazac Law Firm, Victoriabank, Sebo Credit, Incaso for their time to review the draft government decision. 

- The Ministry of Finance has placed the Draft order on approval of the standard form for Special Primary Document "Accompanying the Goods" to public consultations; The document aims to systematize the aspects related to the form of the Consignment Notice and the provisions regarding its operation. 

AmCham provided some amendments related to the document in order to improve several provisions.

- On March 6, the Tax Committee members have met at the AmCham office to prioritize and discuss topics proposed for 2019.

Discussions highlighted the optimization of processes derived from the tax administration compartment, promoting / safeguarding the business environment rights through fiscal / customs policy, the continuous interaction and cooperation with authorities.

- On March 7, the Executive, by assuming the responsibility, approved the draft decision regarding the modification of Non-working Days (art. 111 of the Labor Code). According to the draft decision, the art. 111, art. 135 and art. 158 of the Labor Code were modified by delimiting and exposing explicitly two aspects:

The first refers to the payment of the average salary for non-working days for employees who are remunerated according to the agreement or per unit of time (hour/day). 

The second aspect concerns the non-modification of the salary for employees with fixed salaries if there are non-working days during that month.

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