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Financial Services Committee Updates

December 12

- AmCham submitted a series of letters to the authorities regarding the activities of the non-bank credit organizations to be performed through secondary offices. The second letter asked for the clarifications on the tax regime of the provisions to be deducted by the non-bank credit organizations.

- An informative letter on the acceptance and implementation of IFRS 17 and IFRS 9 has been developed through its application by insurers, in order to avoid disparities between international and local reporting requirements.

- AmCham had a meeting with experts from the German Economic Team to discuss the phenomenon of over-indebtedness of consumers in Moldova as well as on the steps to be taken to ensure the transparency of consumer loans. 
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- The Financial Committee held a meeting with experts from the World Bank focused on the deficiencies of the Registry of Real Guarantees; with experts sharing their preliminary recommendations for the modernization and improvement of the work of the Registry.

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