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U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's speech on March 11th 2011 at the Opera Square

March 10

On Friday, March 11, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden made a historic visit to Moldova with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, and their granddaughter Finnegan. As part of his visit to Moldova, U.S.  Vice President Biden met with key Moldovan leaders to signal U.S. support for ongoing democratic and economic reforms in Moldova.

The American Vice President said that his discussion with Vlad Filat before the briefing included issues related to the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, Moldova's EU aspirations and economic reforms.

“The current visit of the U.S. Vice President marks the beginning of a new era in bilateral ties between our two countries,” Prime Minister Vlad Filat said after talks with Biden. “We are grateful to the United States for its support, for being with us during our 20 years of independence.”   Speaking in Parliament on Thursday, acting president and parliament speaker Marian Lupu said Biden’s visit would help reinvigorate foreign investment and facilitate exports of Moldovan products.

Biden said he was honored to be the first U.S. Vice President to visit Moldova. “This is to state the obvious, a tumultuous time not only in the history of the region but the history of the world,” he said. “We believe Moldova’s future lies with Europe.”

Biden had addressed to local residents in the central Opera Square:

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