AmCham met IMF delegation

  • 10.02.2011


AmCham representatives had a meeting with IMF delegation in Moldova, in order to discuss current economic situation and business climate, tax and regulatory issues and other aspects related to entrepreneurial activity in Moldova.

The initiative to organize this meeting belongs to Tax & Legal Committee that found it important to know IMF position of many tax and legal matters. The meeting represented a session of consultations with private sector, where problems and solutions for improving the investment climate were examined.

Some of the tax matters raised by AmCham are: VAT refund for Chisinau and Balti, reopening of tax inspections, reintroduction of corporate income tax, excessive fines for repetitive tax infringements, fines for currency non-repatriation, etc. Further to discussions held, it seems that no significant changes in tax rates will occur, however IMF will not support implementation of new tax incentives.

Considered all, representatives of the IMF delegation were open for dialogue and expressed their understanding of the topics raised.

Should you have any questions related to this event, please don\'t hesitate to contact Serghei Toncu, Project Manager, at 211-781 or

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