Prime Minister's Economic Council Activity Updates

  • 11.05.2018

This week, as a member of the Prime minister's Economic Council, AmCham was engaged in the following subjects:

The Calls to Modify Law on Waste

AmCham alongside local business representatives and officials from different Ministries took part in a meeting regarding calls to modify Law 209/2016 on Waste. The aim of this meeting was to highlight the issue regarding the prohibition of importing Bauxite residue into the Republic of Moldova – a raw material for cement producers, but being classified as waste according to the Law 209/2016. State representatives have shown that they are willing to support domestic producers; and AmCham as a part of the Prime Minister’s Economic Council will continue to monitor and support developments as they occur.

Meeting on Development and Improvement of Medical Services

AmCham attended the High Level Expert Reunion on Sustainability and Transparency of Investments in the Healthcare Sector, organized by the Association of Private Healthcare Providers and the Economic Council under the Prime-minister. The discussions focused on the mechanisms to attract private investment, as well as to enhance public-private partnerships for the development of medical services quality and availability to patients.


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