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AmCham becomes a partner of Balcan Case Challenge Moldova Subcompetition

April 9

The Balkan Case Challenge is a project of WUS Austria, financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation and supported by numerous companies and institutions.

With its focus on South-Eastern Europe the Balkan Case Challenge addresses excellent students, universities, companies and institutions, aiming at strengthening links between higher education and employment by the provision of concrete job opportunities. Thus, the Balkan Case Challenge contributes to an increased awareness about the potentials of South-Eastern Europe/the Balkans - being an integrative part of a joint Europe.

The BCC offers companies, organizations and institutions a range of options for cooperation. They are invited to be partner at the international case study competition in Vienna or at the Sub-Competitions, i.e. national case challenges in Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

If you have recognized the Case Study Method as an opportunity to attract and test the best candidates for future employment and if you want to use the Moldova Case Challenge as a part of your Recruitment Strategy please feel free to contact Irina Aga, the Local Coordinator of Moldova at

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