July Financial Services Committee Updates

  • 01.08.2016

These weeks the activities of the Financial Services Committee were focused on the banking sector.

The month started with two meetings: (1) with topic - the initiative for exclusion of the cash registers (MCC) for currency exchange transactions performed within banks; (2) where member companies had the opportunity to discuss the quality of the evaluation activity of collateral, performed by independent evaluators. Both the meetings resulted in a series of action items.

Supplementary, the members had the opportunity to comment a series of bills on the settlement finality in payment and securities settlement systems as well as on financial guarantees.

AmCham continued the dialogue regarding certain provisions of the law on non-banking credit organizations, by developing an exhaustive study and presenting it to the attention of NCFM, BNM and MoF.

If you have any questions regarding the activity of the Financial Services Committee, please contact Adrian Gheorghita, Deputy Director for Advocacy and Business Development at 211 – 781 or adriangheorghita@amcham.md.

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