AmCham Moldova, 9 Years of Activity!

  • 04.09.2015

Today, AmCham Moldova celebrates 9 years of delivering of best service to the business community in Moldova. From a humble beginning of a handful of companies and dedicated individuals, AmCham Moldova has grown and expanded in size and strength to become the strongest force representing American, European and Moldovan business.

The first elected president of the board of directors was John Maxemchuk, who was the driving force behind the establishment of AmCham, he served as President for 6 years. He was followed by Cristina Harea, who is at her 4th mandate as AmCham President, thus significantly contributing to the accomplishments and steady growth of AmCham.

Over the years, many people have made considerable contributions to the success of AmCham Moldova by serving on the board of directors, devoting time as members of committees, or simply volunteering to assist in the office or at events. It has been a real group effort!
Obtaining a strong position within the Moldovan business community, AmCham has strived to create added value for its members by providing information, contacts and advocacy support for its membership. Hosting a variety of events for business, networking and sharing information is the hallmark of the public side of AmCham.

Forming the core of the advocacy efforts of AmCham, various committees, working groups carry out some of the most effective "behind the scenes" work of AmCham Moldova. By addressing a great variety of legislative issues, such as tax, regulatory issues and customs, health care, manufacturing, and labor legislation - among many other issues - AmCham constantly seeks to contribute to the positive development of the business climate in Moldova and the success of its members.

With the increased amount of events, and activities, Membership has steadily risen over the years from a core group of about 15 members to 106 today.

We look forward to AmCham`s continued successes which will benefit our members.



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