AmCham Moldova promotes Moldova and Moldovan products abroad

  • 28.09.2009

American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova is launching a new project - “Products of Moldova” that is aimed to promote Moldova and domestic companies abroad. To this purpose, an annual Catalogue “Products of Moldova” will be published with a corresponding online version. Only companies with notorious reputation and in good standing are eligible to take part in this project. The new project aims to promote Moldova and Moldovan products, starting with diasporas of the nationalities that are acquainted with the benefits and values of the Moldovan products; to raise the volume of exports of Moldovan products to USA, Canada and the EU and to establish direct contacts between Moldovan companies and potential customers and clients. “AmCham’s Moldova mission, as with all AmChams worldwide, is to promote trade and investment between the United States and the countries in which we are active. Promoting Moldovan companies abroad will bring considerable benefit to the country. This benefit will materialize in exchange of technologies, and implementing the best practices within the strategic fields of Moldova”, Mila Malairau, Executive Director of AmCham Moldova, said. The printed Catalogue will be distributed to almost 2000 ethnic grocery stores and shops that serve more than 15 million Eastern European diasporas living in the United States plus those in Canada and Western Europe. The catalogue will contain important information about the company: the name, contact information, product description & images for each product and price list. Beneficiaries of the catalogue will find it extremely easy to use because of the wide search options: companies sorted by name, categories, trademark, and products. The information will be fully checked and updated each year. The online version of the catalogue will permit to potential clients to obtain information to date about the products and the services of Moldovan companies. AmCham Moldova invites interested companies to apply for participation at the “Products of Moldova” project, by completing the Application Form, which is placed on the website or can be obtained directly at the AmCham’s office. Only companies with notorious reputation and in good standing are eligible to take part in this project. For more information, please contact Elena Buzu, Project Coordinator, at 211 781 or Application form

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