The Parliament approved the draft law to amend several normative acts

  • 31.07.2023

The Parliament approved today the draft law to amend several normative acts (including, but not limited to, the law on limited liability companies and the law on joint-stock companies).

The amendments relate, among others, to:
- Regulation of shareholders' agreements
- Regulation of shareholders' squeeze-out
- Waiving the rule of proportionality between the value of the share and the rights offered
- Regulation of virtual shares (phantom stock)
- Exclusion of the maximum possible number of shareholders in limited liability companies
- and many others.

AmCham fully supported the promotion of this law developed by a working group attached to the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitization and the Economic Council attached to the Prime Minister. Members of AmCham's legal community were part of this group and made a more than significant contribution to the conceptualization and writing of the law.

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