Feedforward - a New Trend in Employees Development

  • 23.12.2014

On December 22, AmCham held a HR Committee Meeting on "Feedforward - a new trend in employees development”.

A special guest who shared her experience, but also introduced the committee to a totally new approach of "Feedforward" was Ana Afteni, Commercial HR Manager, Coca-Cola, Romania.

This approach is very simple, but needs a high level of self-awareness. Here is a good exercise to start:

1. If you have decided or someone advised you that something needs to be changed in your behavior
2. You go to that person and ask for 2 advices on how to improve your current state
3. As Ana said, you should think of these advices as gifts: you take them 
exactly as they are, or pass to next person (ignore them)
4. If you decide to abide by these advices, then you should follow them without doubting or complaining whether you’ve tried something similar before

In a "Feedforward" approach, managers or co-workers give guidance about what needs to be changed in the future, rather than harping on past problems.


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