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Internship Project

May 22
AmCham Moldova is proud to announce the launching of the new project “Internship” within the CSR Committee Activity. The project is aimed to facilitate the dialogue between students and companies, offering to the students the possibility to gain experience, to implement theory in practice, to accumulate practical knowledge within the company.

Each participating company will have the possibility to choose the type of Internship it is ready to offer to the students:
• 2 months Internship ( according to the University requirements);
• Info day ( one day training within the company);
• Induction week (one week training);
• Coaching for Annual Thesis.

Internship Benefits for Employers:

• Internships offer an effective way for companies to locate and train motivated students to fill immediate needs, as well as create a pipeline of talent for a future work force.
• Employers can seamlessly convert student interns to full-time employees who can be immediately productive. Cost-per-hire is significantly decreased.
• Companies are able to assess each student|s "fit" with their organization and receive a preview of the student|s ability.
• Maintain a constant source of fresh ideas and insights into your organization
• Companies enhance recruitment and retention outcomes, hence, improve their "bottom line."

We warmly welcome AmCham members to participate in this program. Taking part in this program will increase the company’s commitment to investing in people. Only AmCham members are eligible to take part at this project.

Please fill in the attached application form and send it to Elena Buzu, Project Coordinator,

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