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AmCham meets the Government

July 17
On Friday, July 11th, the AmCham Leadership and representatives of the Board of Directors met with the high representatives of the Moldovan Government among whom were present Mrs. Zinaida Greceanîi, Prime-Minister of RM, Mr. Igor Dodon, First Deputy Prime Minister of RM, Mrs. Mariana Durlesteanu, Minister of Finance, Mr. Ion Prodan, Vice-Governor of the National Bank of Moldova, Mr. Nicolae Esanu, Deputy Minister of Justice and Mr. Ion Chicu, Senior State Advisor of the Prime-Minister.
First of all, Prime Minister Greceanîi expressed her profound gratitude to AmCham for its strong willingness to collaborate with the Government for the accomplishment of goals set in the Governments innovative Program Progress and Integration.
Mrs. Greceanîi also informed AmCham about some recent achievements, as well as, about Governments current priorities. So, at the moment, one of their main priorities is to assure a sustainable economic growth, which in the first trimester of the year constituted 4, 3%, the economy becoming more investment oriented rather than consumption oriented.
The Government intends to further improve the Moldovan business environment, through, mainly, the liberalization of the economy, development of private sector, development of financial sector, reducing costs of doing business and decreasing the administrative burden, improving infrastructure, providing social support to youth and many other measures of no less importance.
AmCham President, John Maxemchuk, in turn, congratulated the head of the Government on its 100-day anniversary.
Mr. Maxemchuk appreciated the Governments continuous effort to improve the business climate in Moldova and once again underlined AmChams willingness to contribute to its sustainable growth and to assist the Government when it needs the opinion or consultancy of the private sector.
Mr. Maxemchuk stated that AmCham had a positive experience of collaboration with the Governments working group while working with Millennium Challenge Corporation and Team for Developing the Plan of Complete Assistance COMPACT, when AmCham expressed the opinion of private companies in the process of economic constraints analysis.
At the same meeting, AmCham|s President expressed to the Government AmCham|s vision on constraints of economic development, which are, among others, high cost of business financing and lack of qualified labor force in Moldova. He also presented projects launched by AmCham to reduce the impact of given constraints. These are mainly Home Computing Initiative, AmCham|s initiative to assess Moldova|s credit rating and to improve it, AmCham 2008 Labor Survey, AmCham CSR activities, and so on.
High officials confirmed the importance of AmCham|s initiatives and assured AmCham|s representatives with the Government|s support and a continuous collaboration.

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