Trade and Manufacturing Committee: New initiative for trade facilitation

  • 13.06.2013

The Trade and Manufacturing Committee is acting towards facilitating trade activity for our members by approaching a new initiative in relation with Customs Service.

This initiative refers to establishing a mechanism that would give the possibility to economical agents to view electronically their own balances from the Customs Service unique account via Informational System Economist.

At the moment such a possibility does not exist, and economical agents, in order to find out their own balance, have to resort to the customs agent that may or may not give the solicited information.

Due to AmCham effort this subject will be discussed in detail at the upcoming meeting of the Customs Service Advisory Committee.

Should you have any questions related to the activity of the Manufacturing and Export Committee, please do not hesitate to contact Ana Raileanu, Committee Coordinator, at 211-781 or

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