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E-VAT invoices - Tax & Legal Committee meeting with state authorities

May 17

On May, 8 Tax & Legal Committee had a dedicated meeting with representatives of e-Government Center, Ministry of Finance, Main Tax Authority and Fiscservinform to discuss about the way Moldovan state authorities plan to introduce a totally new tax concept for Moldova - electronic VAT invoices.

Committee members raised several technical questions that were ultimately helpful in understanding potential risks and opportunities of implementing e-VAT invoices in Moldovan practice. On the other hand, state authorities had a chance to meet appropriate audience for their first public consultations of this kind with the business community.

Tax & Legal Committee will continue to organize similar meetings and help Moldovan authorities properly implement such a complex tax project.

Should you have any questions related to this meeting, please do not hesitate to contact Serghei Toncu, Deputy Executive Director, at 211-781 or

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