Financial Services Committee meeting with the head of Credit History Bureau

  • 15.03.2013

Microfinance and leasing companies, members of the Financial Services Committee, met on March 12 with Mr. Silviu Foca, head of the credit history bureau. This meeting was of a special importance for both parties, since non-banking financial sector has not yet established working relationships with credit history bureau. Companies representing non-banking financial sector don’t contribute to its database, but at the same time don’t benefit of the information already stored in the database.

Members discussed potential opportunities of collaboration, but also several challenges appearing in this respect, such as issues regarding interconnection of databases, adjusting of software, significant maintenance costs etc.

Recently, the same topic was raised in discussions with the management of the National Commission of Financial Market.

Should you be interested in the activity of the Financial Services Committee, please contact Serghei Toncu, Deputy Executive Director, at 211 781 or

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