Trade & Manufacturing Committee is reviewing the origin certification procedure

  • 21.02.2013

In the light of collaboration with Customs Service (CS) and the upcoming Advisory Committee of the CS, within Trade and Export Committee we are working on establishing what are our members’ focal concerns regarding the origin certification procedure.

There are two types of origin: preferential and non-preferential. Most of our members benefit from preferential origin, which confers certain tariff benefits (reduced or zero tax rates) for goods traded between countries that had signed such an agreement or when a country offers such benefits unilaterally.

One of the identified problems having a negative impact on obtaining the certificate of origin is the lack of a functional mechanism for purchasing agricultural goods from individuals. AmCham is presently drafting a letter regarding this aspect and will also raise this question within Advisory Committee of the CS.

In the meantime, several individual meetings with Committee’s members are being organized in order to identify other potential deficiencies in the origin of goods procedures.

Should you be interested in any information related to Trade & Manufacturing Committee activity or would like to be part of the Committee, please contact Ana Raileanu, Committee Coordinator at 211 781 or

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