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A working group was established within AmCham to advocate for a tax allowance on meals and transportation expenses for employees

December 13

At the initiative of a group of manufacturing companies, on December 12, AmCham launched the working group on tax deductibility issues (meals and transportation expenses). The working group aims to amend the legal framework so that expenses related to meals and transportation are exempted of all taxes, including payments into social fund and medical insurance fund. Considering the number of companies presented at the meeting, this subject is of a great concern for the business community.

AmCham Executive Director, Mila Malairau stated that these amendments can bring additional value to employees through improved working conditions, and to employers through increased productivity and staff loyalty. For Government the proposed tax measures will make Moldovan business regulatory framework more competitive, providing an effective lever to stimulate new investments.


For more details please contact Mila Malairau, Working Group Coordinator at +22 211 781 or


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