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A new offer from ALO under AmCham Member Discount Program

September 10

Member Discount Program allows AmCham members to take advantage of some special product and service offers. AmCham is glad to inform you about the latest offer from ALO.

ALO Company was founded in 2001 to act on GSM trade field, that’s why from the beginning, it became the first official Moldcell’s distributor in Moldova. The collaboration between ALO and Moldcell has proved to be a successful one, based on trust, professionalism and oriented to prosperity.

ALO is offering 3% discount on all phones, 15% discount on all phone accesories, 7% discount on all multimedia products.


ALO stores:

1. Sun City, Puşkin str., 32, boutique 108 (Moldcell Shop), Chisinau, Moldova

2. Sun City, Puşkin str., 32, ALO EXTRA, first floor, Chisinau, Moldova

3. Bucureşti str., 41 (Moldcell Shop), Chisinau, Moldova

4. Str. Mitropolit Varlaam, 77 (Moldcell Shop, Hotel Leogrand), Chisinau, Moldova

5. Grand Hall, Negruzzi boulevard, 2/4, (Moldcell Shop) , Chisinau, Moldova

6. Ştefan cel Mare boulevard, 132 (Moldcell Shop), Chisinau, Moldova

7. Ştefan cel Mare boulevard, 62 (Moldcell Shop), Chisinau, Moldova

8. Tighina str., 55 (Moldcell Center), Chisinau, Moldova

9. Kiev str., 16/1 (Moldcell Center), Chisinau, Moldova

10. Decebal boulevard, 139 (Moldcell Center), Chisinau, Moldova

11. Ion Creanga str., 47/1 (Moldcell Shop), Chisinau, Moldova

12. Vasile Lupu str., 23/3 (Moldcell Shop), Orhei, Moldova

13. Lenina str., 191 (Moldcell Shop), Comrat, Moldova

14. 31 August str., 4K (Moldcell Shop), Cahul, Moldova

15. A. Mateevici str., 27A (Moldcell Shop), Chisinau, Moldova

16. M. Eminescu str., 19 A (Moldcell Shop), Straseni, Moldova

17. Independentei str., 106 (Moldcell Shop), Edinet, Moldova

18. Gării str., 3A (Moldcell Shop), Ocnita, Moldova


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