Tax & Legal Committee encourages AmCham members to propose amendments to fiscal and customs legislation

  • 26.01.2012

Since tax and customs legislation is generally mentioned by AmCham members as the area that most needs improvement, Tax & Legal Committee encourages AmCham members to come with recommendations in order to improve it. Recommendations of this kind are generally discussed and proposed in Tax & Legal Committee. However, should you have any separate comments, please don’t hesitate to address them.\\r\\n
Please note that January – February is exactly the time to address tax and customs issues. Generally tax authorities collect recommendations until March, summarize them and afterwards propose the first draft of a new tax policy. Obviously, the earlier recommendations are sent, the higher the chance of their approval.

Tax & Legal Committee is planning to collect recommendations from AmCham members, to summarize them and thereafter to address them in its dialogue with the Ministry of Finance and Main Tax Inspectorate.

Should you have any proposals, please be as concrete as possible, please provide also a small background of the situation described as well as arguments for sustaining your position / recommendation.


Tentative deadline for proposing recommendations: February, 20


Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Serghei Toncu, Tax & Legal Committee Coordinator at 211 781 or

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