• 12.02.2020

On February 12th, AmCham members will meet the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Serghei Puscuta, to discuss Tax and Customs Policies. The topics to be covered within the dedicated meeting are:

1. Medium Term Budgetary Framework in addition to the Tax and Customs Policy 2021;
2. Meal vouchers and social contributions;
3. SIA Electronic register of employees: challenges in understanding of the proposed concept;
4. Perspective of approval of the Catalog of fixed assets;
5. Establishing the ceiling on local taxes;
6. Extention of the Statutory Audit from April 30th onwards;
7. Minimizing the number of presented statistical reports;
8. Calculation and refund of the packaging fee.

For details and registration, please contact Veronica Sireteanu at veronicasireteanu@amcham.md.