• 25.10.2007

AmCham organized a round table discussion between many irrigation system manufacturers in Moldova, farmers, and the Team for Developing the Plan of Complete Assistance COMPACT. The round table discussion took place on October 25 at MoldExpo during the Agricultural Exhibition: Moldagrotech 2007. Approximately 20 people were in attendance at the meeting including three special guest presenters: Mrs. Valentina Badrajan and Mr. Valentin Bozu from the Team for Developing the Plan of Complete Assistance COMPACT, and Mr. Conrad Fritsch, Project Director, Agribusiness Development Project. Mr. Bozu made a presentation of the country proposal and identified some of the sectors of the economy that stand to benefit from the program. Irrigation, the topic of the round table, was identified as a major constraint to the economy of Moldova and Mr. Bozu outlined the potential irrigation project that may be approved by the government of Moldova. Mr. Conrad Fritsch spoke about how it would be possible to begin working with small farmers to get them financing for irrigation systems as well as technical support for operating the irrigation components. The meeting was organized by Mila Dodon, Project Manager, American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova.

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