• 18.09.2018

Date: September 18

Time: 15:00 - 17:00

Venue: AmCham office (45B, Puskin street)

Topic: Informative session on the Electrical Waste and Electronic Equipment Regulation

On September 23, 2018 the GD 212/2018 for the approval of the Regulation on Electrical Waste and Electronic Equipment (EEE) will enter into force.

The new provisions will have an immediate impact on your activity as it will require importers of electrical and electronic equipment to register on the Manufacturers' List, SIA MD. Registration is a complex procedure that requires the implementation of new processes within companies or the outsourcing of those obligations to non-commercial third parties. As from 1 January 2019, only EEE importers that are registered in the list will have the right to import equipment in Moldova.