• 09.03.2010

AmCham Tax & Legal Committee was held its ordinary meeting on Thursday, March 25, at 16:00.

Last Thursday, on March 25, members of Tax & Legal Committee elected new Chairman and Co-chairman of AmCham Tax & Legal Committee. Thus, AmCham warmly congratulates the newly elected Chairman, Svetlana Ceban, Tax manager within PricewaterhouseCoopers Moldova and the newly elected Co-chairman, Nicolae Corlateanu, Corporate Affairs and Communications Associate in JT International Luxembourg S.A. Representative Office in Moldova, wishing them a prosperous year ahead.

Subsequently, Tax and Legal Committee members welcomed a new member within their team, Mr. Artur Virtosu, Budgeting & Reporting Manager from Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery JSC.

Afterwards, Committee\'s members discussed the status of AmCham recommendations included in the Roadmap for the development of Moldova’s business and economic climate. The team has also analyzed the Draft of the tax policy for 2011 - 2013 years, which is now under consideration by Moldovan Ministry of Finance. In addition to that, Tax & Legal Committee potential activities for 2010 have been forecasted. A special focus was put on the committee’s collaboration with relevant State authorities in 2010.