• 01.02.2018

Date: February 1

Time: 15:00 - 17:00

Venue: AmCham Office (45B, Puskin street)


- Introduction. At members' proposal, more subjects will be added to the agenda.
- Informing members about the status of the projects we have previously involved, as well as analyzing current projects.
- Discuss opportunities to hold meetings with public authorities, etc. through which we could address in less formal form the current topics, common activities, etc.
- Discussing and approving the Code of Conduct in the work of the Financial Services Committee. I want you to find the attached draft Code.
- Election of Co-Chairs of the Financial Services Committee.
- Discussions regarding the evolution of the banking and non-banking financial sector.
- Others.

Should you have any questions regarding this meet, please contact Adrian Gheorghita, Committee Coordinator at adriangheorghita@amcham.md or +373 22 211 781